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Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning in Edmonton

Grease traps are designed to stop grease, oils, wax and other fatty-type materials separate from wastewater so that they are prevented from entering a public sewer system. In order to work properly and eliminate buildup grease traps need to be cleaned out and maintained regularly.

A Full Grease Trap Is Dangerous

Avoid grease leaking into the city sewer system or starting a fire with regularly scheduled grease removal services from the specially trained technicians at Pro-Essential Sump and Trap Services Inc. In addition to grease traps we also pump catch basins, trench drains, and sump pits.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

We serve commercial kitchens and restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools and other facilities in locations throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas and we will work with you to provide service without interrupting your business. Give us a call today to schedule a service appointment.


Schedule Maintenance

Staying current on regularly scheduled maintenance can help prevent costly repairs

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