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Is your home or business plagued by clogged sewer or storm drains? Give Pro-Essential Sump and Trap Services Inc. a call at 780‑540‑4243 to ask about our hydro jetting service before a backed up drain turns into a major disaster that costs you lots of money in restoration costs. Scheduling regular hydro jetting of your interior and exterior drainage lines as a preventive measure is a good investment as it will keep your lines clean and help limit major blockages in the future. Hydro jetting is best suited to remove grease and/or dirt, rocks and other debris that is commonly found in drainage and plumbing systems.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting uses high-pressure streams of water to remove years of buildup on the inside walls of your pipes. There is no better way to get your pipes draining as well as the day they were installed short of replacing them completely. Pro-Essential Sump & Trap Service Inc. uses hydro jetting when clearing clogged pipes and performing scheduled maintenance. Hydro jetting is a highly efficient and effective way of clearing drains that require dislodging blockages and other debris in the line.

What are Hydro Jetting Services Best For?

Hydro jetting services can be used by commercial buildings and strata complexes and homeowners to solve drainage line backups and as a preventive measurement in your home or building maintenance plan.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

  • Commercial lines, including kitchens and laundry drains. Grease, food particles, soap and chemical residues, sand, and even rags and wipes are common clog issues in commercial drains.

Residential Sewer Drain Cleaning

  • Residential lines, including laundry room sink, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub and your underground sewer lines can become clogged with grease, cooking oil, leftover food pieces, soap residue and other sediments that stick to the walls of the sanitary lines.

Exterior Perimeter Drainage Cleaning

  • Whether you have a residential building, commercial building or are a homeowner, Hydro jetting with our specialized cutting tools attached can cut through roots within your perimeter drainage system.

We can also power wash grease, dirt and grime off any surface, including patios, buildings and windows, around grease bins, etc. Contact us to schedule service.

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