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Video Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Edmonton

Finding the cause of leaky pipes, slow drains, backed up toilets and perimeter drain issues is hard with the naked eye. Through the use of video inspection cameras complete with locator technology our video inspection services can economically identify the cause of your perimeter and sewer drainage issues.

Our video inspection services can:

  • Pinpoint the exact location where a pipe is broken, whether the problem is due to age, erosion or the incursion of shrub and tree roots.
  • Find areas of concern that can cause a buildup that eventually creates a blockage in the line even before trouble begins.
  • Indicate why a line repeatedly plugs up for no apparent reason.
  • Let you know if your drainage is getting to the city lines.

Our durable and dependable high resolution video inspection cameras include line transmitters and receiver instruments which can transmit the exact location of water lines, water mains, drain lines, manholes, clean outs and septic tanks, thus eliminating any guesswork and reducing the damage, as well as the time needed to complete a required repair.


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Benefits of Video Inspection

The benefits of doing a video inspection are numerous both for preventative maintenance and affordable troubleshooting.

As the video camera is fed through your piping the technician (and you if you wish to watch) can view the inside of the line and assess its condition. The video inspection can be recorded for future reference if you wish.

Using video inspection, we can:

  • Examine your lines with a small camera inserted into your drainage or sewer pipes to locate the problem before any digging or damage needs to be done.
  • Find a collapsed pipe underground or hidden under your concrete or blacktop.
  • Locate buried piping connections.
  • Locate and identify any hidden blockages in your lines.
  • Help you develop a preventative maintenance program for your drain lines, sewer lines and plumbing.
  • Avoid unnecessary destruction of your walls, flooring and yard through the locator within our video inspection machine.
  • Save labor costs and shorten the time required to get your system back up and running in a proper manner

Video Inspection of Drain Lines

Drainage inspection is important. Over time roots can weave their way into your drainage system, connections can break and piping can fail. By accessing your perimeter drainage through its access points our video inspection of drain lines can provide a wealth of information for troubleshooting a blockage or flooding problem that requires a perimeter drain repair, and also for planning future general maintenance, such as scheduled drain cleaning or budgeting for drainage replacement in the future.

Video Inspection of Sewer Pipes

Do you have sewage backing up into your toilet, bathtub or sink? Have you noticed that your drains are slow to drain or toilets are not flushing properly? If so, it is time for a video inspection of your sewer lines to find the problem. Our video inspection of sewer pipes locates and identifies what type of blockage is causing the problem. Maybe the blockage is at the city connection. If it is, we will find it.

Video Inspection Plumbing

Are you experiencing problems with your plumbing? Video inspection of plumbing pipes can find broken pipes, leaking pipes and possibly water pressure issues. As a preventive measure, video inspection of plumbing can be used to check the condition of your piping and verify plumbing is installed and working properly.

Video Inspection Report

On completion of your video inspection we will prepare a video inspection report with recommendations regarding whether your clogged drain lines could do with a good cleaning with some hydro jetting, requires power snaking, or needs replacing.

A video inspection report is an important document to have when you sell your home or one you should ask for when you are considering buying a house. Just let us know before we do this service for you if you would like a digital copy of the video inspection.

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